The Riptide is the Upper Vancouver Island ‘North’ regional franchise of the Vancouver Island Premier League (VIPL). The franchise is comprised of 8 teams – a boys and a girls team each in the U14, U15, U16 and U17-18 age divisions. The Riptide franchise is administered by a Steering Committee of representatives from Comox Valley, Campbell River, and Powell River.

Player and Coach Development

The foundation of the Riptide program is the continuous development and improvement of its players and coaches. The Riptide franchise, and indeed the VIPL League as a whole, was founded on the principle of player-focused development: to provide a stepping stone on the pathway to higher and higher levels of competitive soccer. To that end, a professional Technical Team has been appointed to oversee the development of both players and coaches within the franchise.

Player Evaluations

In every sport, at every level, player evaluations have always been contentious to a certain degree – simply by the nature of the exercise, since not everyone who tries out will be chosen for the team. The Upper Island Riptide has worked hard to make the player evaluation process as open, fair, and transparent as possible. To that end, the following information is provided regarding player evaluations:

Aside from the U14 Intake Evaluations each spring, open evaluations are not held for our current teams. Prospective players are identified through scouting and recommendation. These players are invited in for regular team training for an evaluation. Many players have requested to be part of this process and are now members of the Marine Harvest Upper Island Riptide. If you feel you are a prospective high performance player and are seeking an opportunity with the Riptide, please email us at mailto:upperislandriptide@gmail.com
Note: In order to receive player background information, contact with your current coach and Club may be necessary. We regret that not all players completing this form may be contacted and or accommodated for an evaluation with the Riptide

Evaluators Will Ensure That:

  • Each Player gets an opportunity to show their best, without field or weather being a factor
  • Each Player gets an opportunity to be seen ( good player-to-evaluator ratio, at least 8:1 )
  • Each Player gets an opportunity to play the position they consider their best
  • Each Player gets an opportunity to show 3 Assessment Points – skill with the ball, mental anticipation / intensity, and athleticism

Fairness and Impartiality:

[ From the UISA-VIPL Regional Teams Policy & Procedures Manual ]:

The Technical Director is to set up and run try-outs. Evaluators will represent each of the member communities and be as unbiased as possible during the process. In the spirit of impartiality and fairness, evaluation of players whose parent or guardian is part of the coaching staff or Evaluation Committee should be completed by the other members of the coaching staff or Evaluation Committee.”

Evaluation Categories:

  • Skill with the Ball: the player’s ability to control the ball in the air and at their feet, make good passes and strike the ball.
  • Mental Anticipation / Intensity: ability to understand the game, movement on the field, and the intensity with which the player works on a continuous basis.
  • Athleticism: the player’s ability to run (short and long distance); their agility and physical fitness.
  • Overall Impression: the player’s attitude, and potential to play at this level.

10 month program starting 2016/17 season for

U14, U15, and U16 Players

The Riptide is a not-for-profit program of the Upper Island Soccer Association, run by volunteers. All fees paid by players contribute to the program and the operation of the League.

Fees; 10 month program starting 2016/17 season

Please bring the initial payment of $400 for VIPL fees to the first tryout session April 17 

Preferred payment method: Post-dated cheque dated June 1, 2016

Payable to: Upper Island Soccer Association (UISA) 

Other payment methods:

1) Split payment with post-dated cheques for June 1 and July 1, 2016

2) cash payment

In 2016/17, Riptide will be moving to a 10 month program that includes spring academy.   The remainder of the payments ($60/month for 10 months, starting in September) will be organized after team selections are complete in May.

Payment for kit will be due September 15


For U17/18 players 2016/17 season

VIPL fees for this age group has been raised from $400.00 to $500.00 starting 2016

Please bring the initial payment of $500.00 for VIPL fees to the first tryout session April 17 

Preferred payment method: Post-dated cheque dated June 1, 2016

Payable to: Upper Island Soccer Association (UISA) 

Other payment methods:

1) Split payment with post-dated cheques for June 1 and July 1, 2016

2) cash payment

In 2016/17, Riptide program will not include academy, however players are encouraged to attend

Kit payments will  be due September 15



  • 1) Cheques from players who do not make the team will be destroyed.
  • 2) Tax receipts for VIPL player fees will be issued to team managers to distribute, prior to the end of February 2017.
  • 3) Riptide refund policy: All refunds subject to a $40.00 admin fee, unless a team folds or a player is removed by the team/program.  No other fees withheld. No refunds after second week of the season.  No refunds for kit.

Home Club Registration Fee:  ( varies by Club )

Soccer Development Coordinator: 10 month Professional Player and Coach Development, communication, administration and leadership.

Hardship Grant Program

  • Children ages 11 to 18 are eligible for the grant.
  • Grant monies of up to a maximum of $300.00 per player, per season is to be used for the payment of sport participation: ie VIPL fees less the hardship portion or team uniform costs, ie: jerseys, shorts and socks, NOT tracksuits, bags, etc.
  • Hardship funds do not cover league and/or team expenses, ie: travel, accommodation, and social functions.
  • Club registration or Club select fees are not eligible expenses. Please see your Home Club Administrator for additional assistance for these costs.
  • Only one application per player per calendar year may be submitted and to be paid out no later that 15 October of the current season.
  • Applications must be received prior to October 15 of the current season.
  • All teams to have a representative share in the Hardship Fund.
  • The coach sponsor should be familiar with the applicant’s financial situation as their signature verifies the financial need of the family.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach sponsor to ensure the application is complete and to forward it to the UISA Administrator. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Steering Committee

As mentioned above, the Upper Island Riptide franchise is run by volunteers.  local Volunteers from the areas which the Riptide draws players from sit on the Riptide Steering Committee and make decisions in the best interests of the Riptide players. The Steering Committee is chaired by a member of the Upper Island Soccer Association, the governing authority in the region.