Spring Academy

2018 Riptide Spring Academy


The details for the 2018 Spring Soccer Academy have been arranged.  The program has been a resounding success each spring,in which 100 plus players have traditionally received training in a quality and demanding environment. The program features two midweek sessions and a third session each Saturday. The weekend dates are a mixture of training, 7 aside games and special events (such as attending a Whitecaps Game). Be sure to take part in this program if you are interested in playing and training in a lively, competitive and intense environment!


The goal for the program is to elevate the level of play available to the players in our community, as well as raise the level of education for the parents and families with respect to the opportunities for hard working and talented young soccer players. The program enables all ages of players and mixed genders to develop and foster healthy relationships within the academy, extending to the community through the game of soccer. Shel has spent the past twenty years training and developing young soccer players who have moved on to enjoy success playing at the collegiate level in both the US and Canada. He has also trained and developed players who have gone on to play at the professional level, as well as selection to the provincial programs and youth national team program. In addition, several of his earliest students are now coaching for the Canadian National Team Program, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Victoria Highlanders.


The programs will be skill-based, which is a movement away from the traditional club-model in which players are defined by age groups. Age groups will be a starting point, but it is essential that players and families accept this is a skill-based program. Please note, considerations will be attended to regarding physical and mental abilities of the participants with respect to selecting the appropriate training group. Importantly, assessment will be an ongoing process with the participants in the respective programs, and adjustments can and will be made at any given time.


  • Three sessions weekly (Two midweek and one weekend date)
  • Training sessions are 90 minutes
  • Once monthly games and/or tournament play
  • Technical and tactical training to prepare the individuals and teams to play at a high level
  • Specialized goalkeeper training will be provided in addition to team training
  • Guest Coaches


It is essential that all players be able to compete physically, mentally, technically and tactically to be considered eligible to train and compete in this program. Boys and Girls will be encouraged to train and play together. There will be a trial arranged for all players to determine who is most eligible to participate in the specified age groups. If a player is unable to meet the standards of the program then an suitable training arrangement will be made between the player/family and Academy Head Coach.   Players will be grouped:

  • 2005-2007  Boys & Girls
  • 2004-2002 Boys & Girls


The fee for the program is $500.00 and includes the academy clothing package (two training shirts, short and socks).


There will be two levels of goalkeeper development training for the spring academy. The focus of the program will be to provide an optimal learning environment for goalkeepers to develop their skills of the position. The intermediate level will be for goalkeepers between the ages of 12-14 which will focus on the basic skill and technical development. The advanced goalkeeper program (15+) is for goalkeepers who have already demonstrated the basic skill and technical requirements to a consistent standard for a minimum of three years. However, exceptions can be made to this guideline. Other factors such as the mentality, physical strength, as well as general technical and tactical awareness will be considered when placing a goalkeeper in a respective group. Most importantly, all goalkeepers will receive a positive experience in a rewarding environment.

The program will have a well-rounded approach that includes instruction on the technical elements of playing the goalkeeper position as well as a focus on the development of the tactical awareness required to excel within the game. The technical aspects of the program will work on areas such as footwork and handling, shot stopping, distribution, taking crossed balls, and 1 v 1 situations. Classroom sessions on the tactical aspects of the goalkeeping position will allow goalkeepers to develop the more cerebral parts of their ability to read the game and position themselves on the field. In addition, a detailed approach on the mental performance aspect of playing the position will be covered during the program for all goalkeepers. The mental performance component of the goalkeeper program will provide the goalkeepers with essential skills required to move forward in their development. For the mental performance component, goalkeepers will set goals for targets they wish to achieve over the course of the spring academy. Workshops on mental skills such as developing and maintaining confidence, using visualization, eliminating distractions, controlling emotions, rehabbing injuries and preparing for games will be covered . Guest coaches will be present for select training sessions during the program.

Jared pares will lead the goalkeeper program. Jared will graduate from the U18 Riptide Boys Team this spring and has been influencial in developing youth goalkeepers for the CRYSA in his regular work with these talented young goalkeepers.

Mentor Coaching

The benefit for the community based development model promoted by Shel Brodsgaard and the RIPTIDE Academy is that future coaches come from within the program. In the first five years, we have been lucky enough to enjoy the benefit of many excellent mentor coaches from within the academy who became an inspirational part of the learning process for the younger players. Positive relationships were developed between age groups and gender with the added benefit of utilizing the older players as mentor coaches. Suitable applicants include players who have a passion for the game and display a natural tendency for working with youth. Suitable candidates will possess some or all of the following qualities:

  • Motivated
  • Positive
  • Kind
  • Leader
  • Caring
  • Role Model

If you are interested in applying to become a mentor coach please complete the online application form



Shel Brodsgaard will be the head coach and director for the program. Ken Garraway, Ash Mohtadi and Stephen Hall, will be the technical leads, with Jared Pares as the goalkeeper coach plus a host of mentors from the Riptide Program.


Start: Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Stop: Thursday,  June 14th , 2018 (there will be no training on the long weekend in May plus there will be one trip to Victoria for a 7-aside tournament with the dates to be confirmed at a later date.)