VIPL Marine Harvest Riptide 2004 Trials

We are pleased to announce the official trials for the 2004 born players interested in playing for the VIPL Marine Harvest Riptide in 2017-2018. The season does not start until September 2017, however, these trials will have the teams assessed on or before selected for April 15th, 2017 and the final teams selected by May 15th, 2017.

We will be running sessions as follows:

  • Sunday, March 19: Robron Turf in Campbell River from 10 am – 12 pm boys and 12 pm – 2 pm girls
  • Sunday, March 26: Vanier Turf in Courtenay from 2 pm – 4 pm girls and 4 pm – 6 pm boys
  • Sunday, April 2: Valleyview in Courtenay
  • Sunday, April 9: Valleyview in Courtenay- postponed

Players born in 2005 are encouraged to communicate with their respective Club TD who will then contact the Riptide TD to request a trial. All players born in 2005 must be pre-approved in this fashion prior to registration and/or participation. Please note, if you have registered for the open trials which have now been cancelled on more than one occassion you do not have to complete another online registration form located HERE!


  • For players to attend four dates if possible, however, you are welcome to attend as many as you are able to considering the spring break holiday
  • In the event that you have pre-planned holidays over the spring break period which two of the dates fall on be sure to let us know in advance and we can find a way to accommodate for this absence
  • We would like to have as many of the players in the spring academy, which enables us to prepare the kids technically/tactically, as well as give us time to learn about the players and have the players learn about each other. The program is ten weeks long and our experience has shown us that this time together is invaluable for giving the teams a jump-start on the fall.
  • Players who attend the spring academy do not receive any special consideration for these teams- the soring academy is solely a program based in the Comox Valley aimed at improving individual skills and passion for the game
  • The coaches for the teams will be identified on or before May 15th, 2017

Q &A

Will participation in the Riptide Academy influence my son or daughter’s chance for being selected?

Absolutely not. The spring academy is an opportunity for players to receive additional training who may or may not be playing for the Riptide.

Are all players selected expected to train in the academy?

No. However, the teams that we will compete against in the fall traditionally come from a club based environment and will have the benefit of knowing one other, playing together and familiarity with the program they are a part of. The spring academy allows the Riptide to have 10-weeks prior to the start of the season to familiarize players with the training and environment fostered by the Riptide Coaches as well as get to know one another as we merge players from different communities.

Who benefits financially from the Riptide Academy?

The Riptide Academy funds are all made payable to the Upper Island Soccer Association. All funds collected go back to the Riptide for assistance with the following

  • A full time technical director: Shel Brodsgaard
  • A technical team: Ken Garraway and Stephen Hall
  • A goalkeeper trainer: Geoff Hackett
  • A video person: Max Powsey
  • A web-based online application which allows the Riptide to upload and share game files
  • A match analysis software which allows the games to be broken down into segments and then discussed with the players in team meetings
  • A technical team that is working hard to present opportunities for and support players interested in playing soccer and pursuing a post-secondary education
  • A chance for the technical Director to attend training during the season in our satellite programs running in each of Powell River and Port Hardy

The Riptide Technical Team works with each team on a regular basis in training and routinely watches the games.  The goalkeeper coach is training the goalkeepers once each week during the season in addition to their role in the academy. The home games are regularly video-taped, as well as analyzed by the technical director. Additionally, any and all coaches who participate in the spring academy are paid positions and we can assure you they are highly qualified and going to provide an excellent environment for your son or daughter to excel.

Who will be selecting the teams?

The Riptide Technical Team and support staff will take care of the selection process.

How can the selections be made if he coaches are not appointed?

The Riptide Technical Team and support staff will take care of the actual player selection and provide the coaches with the lists once the players have been assessed. The fact that the coaches are not in place before the trials is not important, as the Riptide Technical Team and support staff are fully capable with the selection process.

Are there further costs that can be expected once selected?

Yes. Each team will participate in one tournament in Vancouver before the end of the first season. This will be an additional cost for the families over and above participation on the VIPL. If a team is able to quality for the provincial tournament at the end of the season this will extend the season to July and also ad costs for the 4-day tournament in July.

How many players will be selected for each team?

A minimum of 16 players will be selected and a maximum of 18 players will be selected for each team.

Will there be any underage players selected?

Absolutely. If there are players born in 2005 who are interested, capable and willing they can and will be selected


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