The Riptide and CVUSC are pleased to provide development training to REP Team Players ages U11-U16 with the assistance of the VIPL Riptide.The program will start on Monday, September 16th and conclude on Monday, November 25th (excluding Thanksgiving Holiday). The training is from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm each evening. The coaching staff will feature Riptide Coaches and Mentor Coaches from within the Riptide Program as well as CVUSC:

Shel Brodsgaard: Riptide Technical Diretor
Darrin McLeod: Riptide U18 Girls Team
Gokan Avicil: Riptide U15 Boys Team
Stefan Skzwarek: CVUSC
Jamie McDowell: CVUSC

All participants are asked to pre-register prior to attending and plan to participants must communicate when they plan to miss training. Importantly, there is no cost for the program and attendance will be taken. In the event any player misses two sessions they will be excluded from the program. The location will be the Vanier Field Turf and be open to both players and goalkeepers interested in further development opportunities.

Vanier Monday Night Development